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The calls in question are in Call History...that was the original question.  So in theory, the program COULD have heading down to section level.  But I am not assuming that...

1) Can someone confirm if the program can use the data in Call History to determine location, or is it limited to wl_cty data and assumptions?

2) Also, I noted somewhat different beam headings for the "Available" mults list and the entry window.  Why is that?

I am not saying that this must work for individual calls, I realize that is a high expectation.  I am just asking what the intended functionality is as results seem somewhat odd.

Drew K3PA

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Even if they are in CA, if you are in NV the heading could be anywhere in possibly a 120 degree arc. Although, if you know the section that could possibly narrow it down some. If you run off wl_cty you could be way off. From OK you would probably point West for a W6 but for me you would need to point East.
73, Larry  W6NWS

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How would the program know for sure where to point the beam if the station is not in the database?  Just because it's a W6 doesn't mean they are in California :-)  73
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Well, I may have been to fast to reply. I'm not sure how it is in SS with call history.
Still believe that I'm correct. But not sure.



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