Re: F3 Key won't ESM or work before logging QSO

Ted Bryant

Tony, in the F5 message, remove the exclamation mark and replace it with either a single dash ( - ) or a single blank space (one stroke of the spacebar) and test the operation of F3.


73, Ted W4NZ



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To confirm, ESM is off, although the problem is also there when it is on.


There are no errors with the .wav file, as it works fine when the entry line is blank.


here's my RUN key file:


F1 CQ,wav\{operator}\cqss.wav

F2 M K1KP 67 EMA,wav\{operator}\ssExchange.wav

F3 Thanks!,wav\{operator}\Thanks.wav

F4 K1KP,wav\{operator}\k1kp.WAV

F5 His Call,!


F7 QRZ?,wav\{operator}\QRZ.wav

F8 Again,wav\{operator}\AllAgain.wav

F1 S&&P CQ,wav\{operator}\cq.wav







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