Re: F3 Key won't ESM or work before logging QSO


I wonder about the ! in the caption for your F3 message. The ! character is a substitution macro (the other station's call sign), and who knows what it will do when it is in a caption. Try removing it from the F3 caption to see what happens.

Also, is that your entire message file, or did you truncate it after the ninth line? There are 24 messages in a function key file. The first 12 are Run and the second 12 are S&P. If there are fewer than 24 lines in the file, the S&P messages for the missing lines will be duplicates of the corresponding Run messages 12 lines up in the file.

The ninth message in your file is labelled as if it were the F1 message in the S&P set, but actually it's the F9 message in the Run set. If there are more lines in your file, they will be the Run F10, F11 and F12 messages, followed by the S&P F1, F2, ... messages in that order. If you are having trouble with S&P F3, look at the 15th message line in the file to see what is in it.

Rich VE3KI

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To confirm, ESM is off, although the problem is also there when it is on.

There are no errors with the .wav file, as it works fine when the entry line is blank.

here's my RUN key file:

F1 CQ,wav\{operator}\cqss.wav
F2 M K1KP 67 EMA,wav\{operator}\ssExchange.wav
F3 Thanks!,wav\{operator}\Thanks.wav
F4 K1KP,wav\{operator}\k1kp.WAV
F5 His Call,!
F7 QRZ?,wav\{operator}\QRZ.wav
F8 Again,wav\{operator}\AllAgain.wav
F1 S&&P CQ,wav\{operator}\cq.wav



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