Re: WAE frustration when receiving QTCs

Rick Ellison

There is an issue with the stop scrolling being turned back off. I noticed it last night but have not found the cause of t yet..


73 Rick N2AMG


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HI Larry,


That does not work.  I am sure Rick is right.  When I tried to stop scrolling with the DI window setup it just went back to scrolling.  So even when I paged up to get to the desired QTCs the DI just went back to the last DI line and kept displaying characters.


We need scrolling on for sure but if there is no real way to stop scrolling on command then, for me at least, I will simply turn on logging and correct after the contest.  With all of the other great stuff in N1MM this should not be a focus  point.


Thanks to all.


Art - VE3UTT

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