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The beauty of the commercial radio interfaces is that they require zero work to get FSK going. Have tried several of them and they have no problem working with the most common RTTY programs. 2Tone seems to be the first exception I come across.

FSK is user friendly, totally idiot proof. As a contester I like simplicity and reliability, which often comes from using as few outboard boxes as possible.

Rudy N2WQ
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I don’t want to restart a FSK vs. AFSK war.   However, it seems a lot of guys are going to a lot of work to get FSK going on an otherwise perfectly functional AFSK system (meaning they can run PSK fine, but want FSK for RTTY).  A lot of guys tell me they want to use FSK because it’s simple.  But if you have to use outboard add-on stuff to patch it onto an existing and function AFSK system, that does not make a lot of sense.  There is no functional benefit between FSK and a properly setup AFSK system.  In fact, on a lot of rigs FSK sideband content is just miserable.
So unless a guy has a rig filter limitation they are trying to work around, then AFSK is really the way to go.  2Tone is a rock star with an audio feed and the uHam interfaces make doing AFSK a snap.


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First and foremost, thank you for developing 2Tone. It's receiver is simply amazing. RTTY contesting will never be the same without 2Tone.

However, I am not sure I follow this argument. MMTTY works just fine with microHam; is there a reason the same approach cannot be applied to 2Tone? The MMTTY source code is publicly available so it should be no secret how to do FSK via USB. Does 2Tone use the standard UART interface or implements its own?

Has anyone actually asked microHam for help integrating the two? Have they said "No"? After all, N1MM itself implements the mH SO2R protocol so I'd expect the company to be quite open to working with developers.

My computer, as most computers today, does not have any serial ports and using a USB-based radio interface is the most convenient way to interface with my radio.  microHam is not the only proprietary hardware interface. Does 2Tone NOT work with any of them?

Rudy N2WQ
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2Tone is allowed to be used with logging programs that are free.


The same applies to hardware that comes with software the software source has to be public domain for instance TinyFSK or the hardware design is in the public domain, e.g. using pFSK.


I provided the FSK via the COM port system which comes with a lot of warnings as it will have timing jitter that will and does cause bit errors. Hardware interfaces are in the public domain. However for a  PC with at least 4 cores the probability of an TX caused error within a contest exchange is low.


However microHam products hardware design and software/firmware source are not in the public domain so no interface will ever be written for those boxes.


To get the best TX performance then use 2Tone’s DOOK which is audio based. It provides a very accurate narrow band signal which can be used by anyone with a sound card and interface to the audio input of their rig. A couple of resistors and a lead is all that is needed.


It is very unfortunate that virtually all rigs (K3 excepted) transmit a very wide FSK signal when direct FSK keying is being used. This can and does cause considerable QRM to adjacent band users.


73 David G3YYD


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Using 2Tone in the main window could be a challenge. 2Tone does not send proper FSK to my microHam MK2R+ box and I am forced to use MMTTY in the main window, with 2Tone in RX windows.

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QTC’s cannot be clicked on in any other window but the main RX window. So clicking in an RX window it will not work.. You can make the main window use 2tone since it is doing a better job for you..


73 Rick N2AMG


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I’m running N1MM+ v1.0.5295.0 and 2Tone v 15.2a in WAE RTTY.


When clicking on the QTCs from the 2Tone window: nothing happens.

From the MMTTY window: all is OK.


As usual, 2Tone inserts all the other regular QSO info with no problem: call, s/n, etc.  Only MMTTY will insert the QTC data.

Many times 2Tone is a better decoder than MMTTY and I rely on it.


Is this a feature or am I doing something wrong.


    73 James K1SD

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