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Rick Ellison

I will check on this but the {ENTER} macro’s are substituted for CR’s in all engines. I have not noticed that they were not working correctly. The {ENTER} macro is not substituted in Fldigi but in the main Digital window.


If you are using the non-scrolling window you will not see the CFR’s as they are stripped out and a formula is used to tell the window when the do a line incerment.


73 Rick n2AMG


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Rick, Actually, upon further testing, I believe the problem lies in the fact that I'm running Fldigi as my digital interface. If I switch to MMTTY, this program responds seamlessly to N1MM+ commands like {ENTER} and etc. So, the carriage return problem lies in using Fldigi, which I've now notice doesn't work for any {ENTER} commands. Is there a fix for this? Thanks Thomas


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Hi Rick, {ENTER}{ENTER} was the answer. Did the trick. Thank you so much 73's my friend Thomas NO7T


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With the QTC window open Click on setup and then select the RTTY Tab. There is an entry for line spacing. Make sure the box has an entry in it. You should see {ENTER} you can use {ENTERLF} or do 2 double enter like this {ENTER}{ENTER}


73 Rick N2AMG


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While doing the WAE RTTY contest and attempting to SQTC's, I don't have a carriage return working between each QTC being sent, so it all looks "run-on". How do I set-up a carriage return function in this contest. Thanks Thomas




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