Re: WAE frustration when receiving QTCs

Rick Ellison

Were you using the non-scrolling window or the scrolling window?? I might make it hard coded that using the scrolling window will be required when the WAE contest is loaded. By default the non-scrolling window strips CR’s LF’s or combinations of them. This is probabaly the cause of some of the reported problems..


73 Rick N2AMG


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Would sending 2 line feeds after each line help with the 2 lines printing on the same line?  I had that problem a few times, but got around it with resends.
For the most part, when I had a good signal, there were no problems. 
Except for the Russian station who sent "RXQP" for his header.  Asked for a resend, got the same thing.  DARC log checker doesn't like it, waiting for them to respond to email as to what to do.

Dave NJ4F


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