Re: Bandmap data externally accessible?

Terry Glagowski / W1TR / AFA1DI

I did this for N1MM Classic when the DB was MS Access…

I haven’t updated the software that does this to use the SQLite DB yet.

You need SQLite Expert Personal 3 to have a look at the N1MM+ Database


The software would convert N1MM log format to HRD format, but I use a custom logging software instead of HRD but use the same log format.


73, Terry / W1TR  :  )


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Thanks Steve!  I assume then that Logger and the SDR would each maintain their own spot database and paint their bandmap from their respective database.  Would it ever make sense for the external software to have read access to the Logger database instead of maintaining its own database?


73, Barry N1EU


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Technically, what you want can be done by sending UDP messages with
bandmap information to another program running on the same or different
computer. On a crowded bandmap, there could be a performance hit for
N1MM+. Don't forget, not only would we have to indicate that there is a
new call on the bandmap, but also have to indicate when a call is
removed from the bandmap. Before considering implementing this, I would
like to see a commitment from panadapter vendors to actually implement
the N1MM+ bandmap information to give users a display that is more
useful than just marking the callsigns with the blips - such as the
color-coding N1MM+ provides in the bandmap and available window to
indicate the dupe/multiplier status of the call.

Steve, N2IC

On 11/16/2015 10:28 AM, Barry N1EU n1eu.barry@... [N1MMLoggerplus]
> CW Skimmer is not allowed for unassisted contesting. I'm talking about
> tuning the band with a panadapter-centric SDR type radio as an
> unassisted contest participant. Having the bandmap overlay the
> panadapter would be a game changer in terms of seeking stations to
> work. Folks need to understand that a bandmap is a critical tool for
> unassisted contesting and not just a visual display of cluster spots for
> assisted contesters.
> 73, Barry N1EU
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> __
> Barry,
> Take a look at CWSkimmer at
> Manual at:
> Guy/n7un


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