Re: WAE frustration when receiving QTCs

Art - VE3UTT / W1AJT

My 2 cents.  I had similar frustrations trying to edit QTCs or their headers.  For me I would simply like the DI window to stop scrolling.  When I click the left (green bar) and it turns to yellow it does stop scrolling but only for a couple of seconds then immediately goes back to green.  I tried turning off the radio, changing the DI to non-scrolling, and turning off the sound interface all to no avail,   If it stopped scrolling, I would lose only my time re-entering/fixing QTCs without impeding the person who sent them. My bad was not turning on MMTTY logging; instead I tried to time taking screen shots of a scrolling window to edit them in the log file.  

For me just enable the stop scrolling by clicking the left bar until it is clicked again.  I hope that isn't too complex.

Of course, you guys did a magnificent job and it is greatly appreciated even with this grousing ;-)

Art - VE3UTT / W1AJT 

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