Re: WAE frustration when receiving QTCs


I had not many challenges with receiving QTCs - it works somehow fine.

But it would be nice for next year if:

1. Someone have such MP3 Recordings from corrupted QTC traffic to have a check with this before
2. It is difficult to follow how someone want to receive QTCs - only CNTL Z or as I did "Press F12 - for a message" -> afterwards I open QTC window with CNTL Z without sending any request.
3. Then I often must click in the EW window to set the cursor behind the call -> then I can click in MMTTY and get the QTCs - but I did not see the mentionened ERROR that it happens if nr. 1 or nr2 is corrupted - I could request 1 or 2 afterwards - but maybe my workflow is not the one everyone else use.
4. Onetime it happens, that garbled text was before the sender CALL in the qtcs - how it happens - I cannot repeat - but afterwards easy to change

Overall - it worked well in my location - but we may have a kind of MP3 pool for check this quite near to the next WAE.

Other area: It would be nice, if the "Running" QRG Spot will be deleted after 3 or 4 minutes - it would prevent the crokodiles taking the QRG from other which do Run on this qrg and it was free for thie time :)

One more: QTC traffic is used in the "RUN" evaluation - I got around RUN´s with incredible 500 Q´s per hour which is really stupid :)

And once more: The sections are not counted as mults in the available window - why it cannot be counted to see if e.g. 3 Q´s on 10m with 3 different PYx station in 3 sections - but only 1 mult is seen in the AV Window (everytime I think that e.g. 3 EA8 are only online on 10m or ... but PY1, 2 ,5 are like mults in WAE and other contest).

Last: Could it be possible to set the power  to a predefined value LOW for user, which are only working with LOW power? Would be nice if a new Log is created (I often forget it and must change it afterwards)

Greetings Peter DF1LX

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