Re: 2Tone inserting QTC in WAE

Rick Ellison

QTC’s cannot be clicked on in any other window but the main RX window. So clicking in an RX window it will not work.. You can make the main window use 2tone since it is doing a better job for you..


73 Rick N2AMG


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I’m running N1MM+ v1.0.5295.0 and 2Tone v 15.2a in WAE RTTY. 


When clicking on the QTCs from the 2Tone window: nothing happens.

From the MMTTY window: all is OK.


As usual, 2Tone inserts all the other regular QSO info with no problem: call, s/n, etc.  Only MMTTY will insert the QTC data.

Many times 2Tone is a better decoder than MMTTY and I rely on it.


Is this a feature or am I doing something wrong.


    73 James K1SD

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