Lost the Audio tab in Configure


Ver 1.0.5295.0; Windows 10; external audio card

There must be a user error, but I can't find it. In the Configurer screen, I no longer have an "Audio" tab displayed.  Not sure how it got lost.

I was working the KY QSO party (SSB), and there's not a lot of activity, so my voice was getting tired.  I recorded a beautiful "CQ" wav file (subjective opinion, of course) and associated it with the F1 key.  Went to try it out, using a dummy load, and was surprised to see the transmitter key up, but the audio coming from my computer speakers.  Went to change that in N1MM+  Configurer, and that's when I noticed the "Audio" tab missing.

Any help will be greatly appreciated to point me in the right direction.  And my voice thanks you as well!

Thanks so much for the great program!!  You guys all rightly deserve that award!


Paul  (NC9W)

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