Re: YASME Excellence Award

VE9AA - Mike

N1MM and crew rock ! 

One thing they have that other groups don't seem to have is patience and respect.

I know I have probably  asked my share of dumb or unique questions here and have never been belittled for that.

I try to learn something every day I log in and look at the messages.

The feeling I generally come away with is that either one of the team or one of the readers(users) is there to help people, be they top ten contesters, or folks doing their first contest, even if it's a dumb question, been asked a dozen times before or totally off-base.  Doesn't matter.  The helpfulness is always there it seems.

I really like that.

Well done fellas.

Mike VE9AA

---In N1MMLoggerplus@..., <wayg@...> wrote :

The really nice thing about this recognition is that the N1MM team hits
on all 3 of the categories: Technical, Operating, and Organizational.

Well done!


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