Re: QSORDER by K3IT command line flags?



You said you were able to record a contest. Was the result successful mp3 files? If so, then you probably have a good copy of lame.exe. If not, rt-click lame.exe and filehash should be 90812D96. If I remove or rename lame.exe, then I also get the cannot convert wav to mp3 error.

Regarding shortcuts - rt-click the shortcut and put the entire Target & Working directory (Start in) paths in a set of quotes. You will need to add your option parameters inside the quotes for the "target".

eg) My target is: "C:\Users\VE1DT\Documents\N1MM Logger+\QsoRecording\qsorder.exe"

& my Start in is: "C:\Users\VE1DT\Documents\N1MM Logger+\QsoRecording"

>> Gerald, VE1DT

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Yes I know Gerald.  For the moment , of all the things I have tried, the one and only thing that works is:

Browsing using Windows Explorer, finding QSORDER.EXE and clicking on it.  THAT works, however I am unable to use any flags whatsoever and am stuck at the programs default settings for input devices, length of recordings etc.  At least I know THAT works.

Using Rich's command line prompt method, I can SEE all the recording devices on my computer, but that's where the story ends.

The pgm will not run from the cmd line, nor will it run from a batch file.

Nor will it run making a Windows shortcut and then adding a flag.

Most frustrating, as I had to change my default input device to the external USB sound card for this to work.

If I was in an SSB contest, any of these methods will not work.  I run my mic through the (default) sound card, then onto the SO2R box.

I must be missing something.  Seems like it's a Windows 7 thing more than anything, but I have enabled permissions, run as administrator, tried moving the program to other folders (just in case).

Thanks for any other ideas anyone out there has.

Mike AA

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