Re: SO2R Rig Focus

Tom Osborne

If you want to do it in a macro, the {stereoon} {stereooff} maros will do this.

I have  {stereoon} cq * * {stereooff} in my F-1 macro.

With the Dx Doubler, that switches the 2nd radio to both ears when doing the CQ and then the run radio to both ears after the CQ.  73

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Hi Nate,

I am *very* new to SO2R, so this may not answer your question, but I use the backwhack (backslash) key to change focus.

This one >>>    \

Alternately, the pause key will put the RX and TX focus on the same radio

HTH - CU @ 19z fro another slomo session

Mike VE9AA CWOPS # 1347

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What is the procedure for assigning another key to handle the left/right radio focus? Something other than CTRL left arrow and CTRL right arrow would be nice.



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