Re: QSORDER by K3IT command line flags?

VE9AA - Mike

I was able to make a batch file with the -q extension, however when run it closes in about 1/4second.

I also have made numerous windows shortcuts. Anything with an -Q, -S (for example) opens for about 1/2 a second then closes immediately.

Trying Rich's method (yes, I remember DOS very well) actually seems to work.

I did record the 1 hour of CWT today but don't look forward to typing out that command from a command prompt each time I contest, hi !

Must be a Windows thing blocking the shortcuts and batch files.  I cannot run any -q -S etc. as Windows doesn't seem to like that in a shortcut and will not allow it.  I can however click on QSORDER.EXE in windows and it will run the basic file, but with nothing extra...just the basic .exe file (no external flags)

I am running AVG Free and Zone alarm, but don't see anything obvious in those.

I have tried running as an admin, and not. No change.

So far, only a command line works.  Which is odd.

Windows 7


Mike VE9AA

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That's how I do it here, works a treat.
to hear recent recordings with QSOrder.



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And there is one more little easier way. Create shortcut, rightclick it, open its properties and in the Target field next to existing path to qsorder, enter all necessary options.  Something like c:\QSOrder\qsorder.exe -S -l 20. You should start  qsorder from this shortcut,


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Hi Mike
I can explain how I do that.

To be able to save .mp3 you have to have lame.exe in your QSOrder directory.
You need to modify your N1MM logger.ini to have [external broadcast] section. Only one section, one time job! See qsorder readme.txt
Next, create new text document.txt and rename it to something like qsorder.bat. Anywhere: on your desktop, in any folder... You will have warning about changing document type, but thats OK.
Open newly created qsorder.bat with notepad and enter path to your qsorder.exe with all required options. Like c:\QSOrder\qsorder.exe -S -l 20 Save changes and since now always start qsorder from this bat file with doubleclick. This method works fine for me. You even can have several bat files with different options. If you know how, you even can change bat file icon to be same as qsorder.exe icon is.
If you are not sure which input is being recorded, start qsorder with -q option - it will list your audio devices. Afterwards you may need to use -i option, but for me default settings works just fine.
You can edit newly created document first and then rename to bat. Works either way.
Hope it helps


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