Re: Winkey PTT momentary dropout


Interesting, I've mk2r+ sn 39, where do I get an upgrade chip from ...microham!!

Ken.. G0ORH

On 11 Nov 2015, at 14:37, 'Joe Subich, W4TV' lists@... [N1MMLoggerplus] <N1MMLoggerplus@...> wrote:


It appears in the status line (bottom frame) of Router,
e.g. (WinKey rev. 10), (WinKey rev. 22), etc.


... Joe, W4TV

On 11/11/2015 9:33 AM, drew.vonadasmith@... [N1MMLoggerplus] wrote:
> Joe,
> Is there a way to tell which WK version we have in a microham product? (MK2R+ for me...)
> 73,
> Drew K3PA

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