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Regarding the question about Windows 10 Port Events tab; this is saying that the driver installed correctly (status = 0x0). You can confirm this by looking at the Device Status when you first open up the port properties.

The events window contains a timestamped log of installs / statuses and updates, etc.

"Page Not Found" is pretty standard for this stuff. I don't even bother clicking on the links any more.

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p.s., Out of curiosity, can you tell me what this means: “Device USB\VID_0557&PID_2008\6&ba9edbb&0&1 requires further installation”?  It shows up in the Information window under the Port’s Events tab and the Event Viewer provides the following: “Driver Management concluded the process to install driver ser2at.inf_amd64_2208228bed2dedb3\ser2at.inf for Device Instance ID USB\VID_0557&PID_2008\6&BA9EDBB&0&1 with the following status: 0x0.”  The Event Log Online Help link goes to a “Page Not Found” on MS TechNet.






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