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Thank you. That solved the CW keying problem, but now I have a problem getting RTTY to work. I have reconnected the Rascal, but now it does nothing.

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First, disconnect the Rascal temporarily from the radio. Now start N1MM+. In the Configurer, make sure that the only check mark in the CW/Other column is beside the Rascal's com port and not beside the radio control com port. In the setup for the radio port, make sure DTR and RTS are not set to PTT or CW. In the setup for the Rascal port, make sure DTR and RTS are not set to Always On; they should be set to CW and PTT respectively. Once you have done that and exited the Configurer, try reconnecting the Rascal to the radio.

Rich VE3KI

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I have had difficulty installing N1MM. When I perform a clean install my radio begins to key the moment the N1MM Logger+ program starts. I must be missing something simple, but I am missing something. I have an ICOM 756PROIII, using a Rascal for an interface device. I have a separate cable for rig control. Any pointers where to look?







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