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Rick Ellison

Add to that you do need one of the more current versions of Fldigi as Dave made some changes that had effected the XMLRPC ports..


73 Rick n2AMG


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Did you follow the instructions at <> ?


A few things to note:


The copy of fldigi you are using with the CW Reader window should not be in the Program Files path.


You need to configure fldigi to use the correct sound card. This will probably be the same sound card as the one you use in digimodes, but you may have to do the configuration over again. That is, the configuration that was used in digimodes may not be remembered with the CW Reader and you may need to do the configuration steps over again. The sound card is the only thing you need to configure. Remember to do a Configure > Save Config from the fldigi window once you have the correct sound card input and channel set up.


Once the fldigi window is open, you need to change fldigi's Op Mode to CW, and then you need to move the cursor in the fldigi waterfall to be on the CW signal you are trying to decode. If the cursor is not on the signal, fldigi will not decode.


The signal must be strong enough to exceed fldigi's squelch level (at the right end of the fldigi window). It may also help if you adjust the CW speed in fldigi to be approximately correct for the received signal. Fldigi will adjust speed automatically, but that can take a while if it has to start from a really wrong speed setting. If fldigi has not found the correct speed, you will see a lot of E's or T's in the CW Reader window instead of the correct characters.


In the CW Reader window itself, make sure the vertical bar at the left of the window is green, not yellow. If it is yellow, click on it to change it to green.


If there is QRM or QRN, or if you are trying to decode hand-sent CW, the decoding may not be very good.



Rich VE3KI

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i use Fldigi for decoding CW ist works as stand allone. Also Fldigi works in Digimodes fine whit the DigiWindow, but it shows noting in the CW Reader.
Setup looks ok for me and if i switch to PSK the CW Reader Windows shows also noting.

73 de Andi, DC3RJ


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