Re: More WAE QTC woes

Rick Ellison

The logging of the qso before opening the QTC window was the same in Classic so that part has not changed since Then. I will need some more input of others on this. One of the reasons is that way in case something happens or your system locks up the original QSO is logged and you just need to rework him for QTC or figure it out from the text file logs the logger keeps.


As for the error can you send me your logerror.txt file so I can see what line it is happening on..


73 Rick n2AMG


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doing some on the air testing - RQTC and SQTC seem to work OK.
However, my test partner (DM5TI) and I feel unhappy about the feature that
CTRL-Z IMMEDIATELY logs the QSO (regardless if it's complete or not) and
clears the entry window. We feel this logging should be postponed until the
QTC exchange is complete or cancelled.
When using the {DIGQTCS} macro to send QTCs to a station you already
exchanged the full quota a runtime error occurs - reproducible. It is logged
in my LogError.txt

73 de Goetz DJ3IW

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