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Rick Ellison

What really needs to be tested is on air qso’s passing QTC. The routine was re-written last year after reported problems and I am not able to test on air as both of my radios are off the air right now. Previous to last years test 3 of us on the development team tested sending QTC locally but that fell apart when it came to actual on air testing..


73 Rick N2AMG


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Hi all.
3. now is perfectly working as:
{TX} ALSO {PASS TargetComputerName) TU IW1AYD CQ {RX}
On air it looks like:
 ALSO 14086.78 TU IW1AYD CQ
Characters before {PASS xx) doesn't hung anymore the tx the macro since {PASS xx}.

7. CTRL-Z switch in between RXQTC and TXQTC, back and forth. Starting on RXQTC as usual.

8. The sequence of QTC is TXed flawlessy.

What I was experiencing about the TX-RX/QTC windows forms, showed no prettiness, disappeared fully when using an external monitor on the same computer - BTW a laptop 15". Thus it was one of my local faults.
Forcing the right characters ratio, what's the default on external/bigger monitor (20"), all showed up with the original prettiness.

            TU Nick and all others. Great work! All around not only for my poor notes.

                   73 de iw1ayd Salvo

PS I will proceed further, testing for WAE RTTY. N1MM+ was and is my only alternative. As QTCs exch. is the core of that great game.

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>Version 1.0.5264 (October xx, 2015)
>3. For Digital operation, {PASS xx} macro operation fixed. (IW1AYD)
>(Coded by N2IC)
>7. WAE Window: CTRL-Z was not switching between recive and send
>correctly. This is now fixed.. (Coded by N2AMG)
>8. WAE Window: In Rtty when pressing Send All the sequence was getting
>out of step while waiting for text to be printed to the rx window.
>(Coded by N2AMG)


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