Re: Unable to send QTC WAE RTTY - more issues

iw1ayd Salvo

Great Rick.
Yours mail shacked me, you right. I sad it before, best to wait until you get time to end UR work ... :-)

I'd never faced an issue like that before, but AGN U right. The supposed by me issue  #2 is given by my portable, I strongly suspect. I have used it before, last year WAE was done with it ... but it was W7. Now it is W8.1. This may have afflicted the whole scenario.
Well, here at home with the just repaired home desktop it work without the issue #2. The video board had gone few days ago, five minutes ago it went replaced.
Now, even with 8.1 on the desktop, there are clean windows for RQTC and TQTC, started by macros.
Setup right frame doesn't show up when not recalled. When it is recalled all the right values are there.

I will look forward for the next release for #1 & #3, take your time.

  TU Rick, as usual.

      73 de iw1ayd Salvo

PS I will check the two SFF boxes that I use when contesting out of home. But since now I know where to place my hands :-)

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