Re: Help with TO2A and TO4K pls


Did not work here, either. TO4K is in the latest wl_cty.dat, TO2A not. Adding TO2A manually to the file works for new contacts but not for rescoring of already logged contacts.

Likewise the "Tools > Add call to country" seems to be broken, too. I know this has worked in the past but when doing it now (and during the contest last weekend) nothing happens (like in no reaction of the software, if I remember correctly a window should pop up asking for the country to which the call in the entry window should be added).

Maybe both problems are related ...

73, Olli - DH8BQA

Am 26.10.2015 um 16:12 schrieb a.durbin@... [N1MMLoggerplus]:


I entered CQ WW SSB with the latest program version but forgot to update
 wl_cty.dat.  TO2A and TO4K were logged with no Pfx and no Country.

After the contest I used the Tools menu to update databases and re-scored the contest.  My score went down and Pfx and Country were not changed from blank entries.

I entered a new contact for TO4K and it was logged with Pfx FJ.  This confirmed that the database update had made the correct country information available.  I deleted that contact.

I entered a new contact for TO2A and it was logged with Pfx and Country blank. This seems to show that TO2A is not in the current database.   I deleted the contact.

The help file seems to say that re-scoring the contest should have updated the country for TO4K but it did not.  How to I get a correct country entry for the two QSO with TO4K?

How to I correct country information for TO2A as it does not seem to be in the latest database?

Sorry for these newbie questions.  I don't care too much about my score but my club seems to.

Thanks and 73,

Andy k3wyc


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