Re: Unable to send QTC WAE RTTY - more issues

Rick Ellison

Issues 1 and 3 are corrected in the next build. #2 can you send me screenshots of what you are talking about. The setup window is configured for normal fonts I have not done any window sizing for  120% and 150%. On my screen using 100 percent everything is showing correctly on the setup window. When closing the window I do see it closes a little bit smaller than it should but that is all..


73 Rick n2AMG


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Hi all, maybe I am a little bit too early.
I should just wait for Rick's work on those. But anyway I should add what seems to be two more issues.
Contest is WAE RTTY on V 1.0.5251 W8.1 I7-3720QM 12GB RAM.
No radio, by now.

1- This issue may be already addressed by Rick. This is an already known issue:
( )
The first CTRL-Z start RX QTC. The second CTRL-Z doesn't switch to TX QTC. It stay in RX QTC.
QTCc: 0/10/11
The macros {DIGQTCR} & {DIGQTCS} call to open the RX and TX subwindows properly.
Opening TX QTC or RX QTC. But not switching in between the two when one is already open.
But no use of CTRL-Z to toggle RX <> TX, nor with the RX QTC clicking the TX macro will switch.
The same when with RX QTC window open a click on {DIGQTCS} is attempted. No way to switch.

As a workaround closing, i.e. clicking Cancel, the R-T/X window and opening the other by the proper macro is the cure. Sort of manual switch.

The R&T/QTC window functions buttons seems a little bit mangled:
At first opening the RX or TX QTC windows lives open on cases the right SETUP frame, CW-SSB-RTTY when opened with each one mechanism - macro or CTRL-Z;
- this leaves much more screen estate in use than what's is effectively needed;
- the mouse could be used to open the whole right frame, it's for Setup, but then within RTTY Setup all the fields are empty - even if shor WAE macros are effectively aired when clicking buttons;
the RX "All Agn", TX "Snd...Header(??)" button sometimes disappear to the right, with different changes for the RX QTX ot the TX QTC windows.
- this would give problem when requesting the related functions.

The "Send All" button doesn't send all the QTC but only the header and the first line, that become all green.
Also the "Snd # 2" become green but the TX doesn't continue.
Sometimes the "Snd # 1" becomes grey, sometimes it stay green.
When trying to make a workaround clicking sequentially QTC buttons results are erratic.
Sometimes no TX of the next, pushed, QTC strings. Sometimes a doubled TX of the same QTC string.

This, BTW the 2nd and 3rd issues, seems to leave the whole thing unusable for WAE RTTY.
May be Rick is already working on all this like for #1.

But I know that several other are doing theirs contest preparations task.
That's strange that I am alone having those problems, #2 & #3. Worst, there already went on the CW and the SSB slice of the same contest.
I didn't seen any particular issue like those, isn't?
BTW I scratched the entire installation. After a redo almost everything is the same.

I will look forward to have a dry run with the new version by Rick and others.

  73 de iw1ayd Salvo

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