Re: N1MMLogger+ not following radio mode

VE9AA - Mike

p.s.-someone (not me) posted a quick fix that did not require a firmware update to get the basic rig functions of the Ic-7800 (not all functions) of the rig to work by choosing another radio.  I want to say it was an IC-756PRO-something but don;'t recall exactly.

A quick search should find it.


Mike VE9AA...IC-7410 & 746  user

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I'm trying to set up N1MMLogger+ for the Pa QSO Party. It seems logger
is following the radio frequency on the bandmap but is not following the
radio mode. Logger does not know the radio's mode. If logger is getting
frequency shouldn't it also be getting mode?

Logger's Config => Mode Control tab has "Use radio mode (default)" selected.

Windows 7. Icom IC-7800 linked to the computer through a K9JM CI-V
router. N1MMLogger+ V1.0.5245.0.


Steve, K8JQ

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