Re: Dx cluster don' t working

Chester Alderman <aldermant@...>


Just loaded 5245, rebooted my Win 10 64-bit PC, activated NL+ and
immediately logged into VE7CC with no problems.

Tom - W4BQF

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Same problem here.

I was connected to my local telnet cluster last night as well as
nearly everyday. No problems.

Upgraded to ver 1.0.5245 this morning at login; nothing else was
changed - no changes to settings, firewall, nuttin.
Could Microsoft have done an automatic update overnight ?

N1MM would not connect to

Went back to ver 1.0.5241 (which has been working FB): No Joy
connecting to my usual cluster. Went to another cluster I've used:
NADA. Went to a 3rd and it connected. (?)

I've put a call into the two SysOps to see if their nodes are up.
We'll see.
For those having trouble, it would be helpful for the rest of us to know
what clusters you can no longer connect to, and what version of Windows you
are running.

Steve, N2IC



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