Re: Dx cluster don' t working

James Setzler <jms_k1sd@...>

Same problem here. 


I was connected to my local telnet cluster last night as well as nearly everyday.  No problems.


Upgraded to ver 1.0.5245 this morning at login; nothing else was changed – no changes to settings, firewall, nuttin.  N1MM would not connect to cluster.


Went back to ver 1.0.5241 (which has been working FB): No Joy connecting to my usual cluster.  Went to another cluster I’ve used: NADA.  Went to a 3rd and it connected. (?)   


I’ve put a call into the two SysOps to see if their nodes are up.  We’ll see.


    73 James K1SD




Re: Dx cluster don' t working

Fri Oct 9, 2015 9:11 am (PDT) . Posted by:


Maybe your firewall is preventing N1MM+ from getting access to the Internet(?).

Rich VE3KI

---In N1MMLoggerplus@..., <tnflyfisher@...> wrote :

Can't connect to any cluster. Getting telnet error "nothing received in 3 minutes." Is this my setup error?


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