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Tom Osborne

 had the same problem with a rig that was not computer controlled.  

I just made a little flap that said 'change bands on logger' and put it in front of the bandswitch to remind me to change bands on the logger when changing bands on the radio (heck to get old)  :-)  73

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From the interwebs....
the 430 cannot be controlled or modified to be controlled
or programmed with a computer. The 440 was the first rig Kenwood made
with a computer control option via an RS232 COMPUTER INTERFACE IC-10.

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I am in the same boat,
A "Stock" 430S is not capable of running with N1MM, so 90% of the super cool features that N1MM is capable of doing is not possible. The reason is, well the 430S just plain and simple just does not have a computer hook up capability. So No program will work with a 430S.

BUT. I did read somewhere, that someone did make some sort of an interface, that they added to a 430S that did make it able to talk to a computer. But looking into it,, it was far above my head.

I still love my 430S and N1MM, you just gotta be careful when changing bands and stuff like that because the logger won't know when you do, and you could log a bunch of Q's with the wrong band.

N1MM with a WinKeyer works fantastic with the 430S
It works great on CW and the digital modes too!


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I use a Kenwood TS-430s rig, which is doing a fine job. Should I wish to interface it with N1MM+ does anyone know if that's possible? Using the program manually should be fine for the time being.

Right now, I'd be satisfied if I could figure out how to enter a contest--such as CQP--but after reading the documentation I still can't quite get it. Maybe I'm just dense!

Any help would be appreciated.


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