Hello , I am new here - VU2AE from India

Srivathsa Satya



I am attempting to connect my rig Kenwood TS 480SAT and the Rigblaster Advantage to N1MM+!  I am unable to correlate many setting as per N1MM+ manual and am not successful in connecting the two to receive signals!  I would appreciate it if someone could mail me steps to be able to get my radio signals into N1MM+ for CW, RTTY, PSK and other digital modes.  My set up is as described below!



1.  I am using 58119-1432 - Kenwood RS 232 CAT cable from WMR connected between DB 9 on my Kenwood TS 480 SAT to the DB 9 port on Rigblaster Advantage

2.  I am using 58131-997 - Yaesu Data port to sound card cable between 6 pin din data port on the TS 480 and "Line In” on Rigblaster Advantage

3.  I am using 58120-984 - CW cable kit for rig blaster connect between “Key” jack on my TS-480 and “CW / FSK” Rigblaster Advantage

4.  I have used WMR “com port splitter” software installed – split virtual com ports are as below

COM 5:  Rigblaster Advantage Port

COM 8:  WMR CW/FSK Control

COM 7:  WMR PTT Control

COM 6:  WMR RADIO Control


Looking forward any assistance.







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