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You could use a database browser such as sqlitebrowser to open your database and export the DXLOG as a csv file for further processing in Excel. Make sure that you don't change anything in the database file. Best way to be certain is to make a copy of the database when the program is not running.

DB Browser for SQLite


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The .adi file does not contain any mult1, mult2, mult3 fields, so doing a .adi to.csv conversion won't help me any.  I've already made an excel spreadsheet from the .adi file, although it was a bit of a pain because not all records contain the same fields in the same order.   (e.g. if there was a comment or a dupe then extra fields get added that throws the registration off, but that's a separate issue).

In order to make a graph of cumulative score versus time, I need the mult indicators for each QSO and those data appear to only be present in the generic file export (at least if the header info is to be believed) as that is the only thing that appears in the .txt file that does get generated. 

I'm hoping someone can track down the source of this bug and get it fixed in a subsequent release.  Some say it works, some say it doesn't.  I'm wondering if it has to do with file size.  I'll bet you tried the same export on the VP9I log, which will also be large.  The log I'm trying to process (from PJ6A) has over 3200 QSO's in it.   BTW, you guys at VP9I had us running hard and scared, and we look forward to your worthy competition again next year. 

Victor - WB0TEV

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