Re: Duplicate Stations showing up in Available Window

John Bednar




Several years ago several users asked that QSO Party dupe status be delayed until the county was entered. Their point was that too many stations which change locations in QSO parties were being ignored. I made the point that worked stations would be colored as un-worked and users would consider it to be a bug.


John, K3CT


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I think this is a bug:

Contest: California QSO Party

Version 1.0.5232.0

OS: Windows 10

I am using Wintelnet 4.21 to receive spots from both the RBN and DX Cluster.  Stations that I have already worked that are spotted on the DX Cluster are showing up occasional in the Available Window.  I note that the duplicate stations that are showing up in the Available Window all include comments.


Bud AA3B

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