Re: Error for Export to File (Generic)

Gerry Treas

Worked fine here.
73, Gerry K8GT

On Sunday, October 4, 2015 4:11 PM, "vmpaul@... [N1MMLoggerplus]" wrote:

So has anyone come up with a diagnosis and fix for this?  I too am trying to do an "Export to File (Generic?" from a CQWW RTTY log and get an error and a .txt file with nothing but the headers.  A window entitled Open Error pops up with a message that says: Error opening G:\HamRadio\N1MM_Plus_User\ExportFiles\PJ6A.txt - Export aborted.

This happens both on the Windows 7 laptop used during the contest and on a Windows 7 desktop to which I copied the database from the contest.

What I'm really looking for is a data output that shows mult and point status for each QSO.  Ultimately I want to make a graph showing score versus time and the generic file export that I can then put into Excel seems to be the only path toward that goal. 

On a side note, a cumulative score versus hour would be a nice addition to the Statistics window choices.

Victor Paul - WB0TEV
(part of this years CQ WW RTTY  PJ6A team)

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