Re: No Bandmap

Tom Osborne

Hi Vytenis

I got the problem solved here thanks to Pete's suggestion.  It was a problem in the sizing on the window.  It was so small it was just barely a dot on the screen.  Changed the numbers and now the bandmap is working fine.

Thanks for  your suggestion - I was going to try that next.  73

On Sat, Oct 3, 2015 at 12:07 PM, vytenis.sciucka@... [N1MMLoggerplus] <N1MMLoggerplus@...> wrote:

But first make sure you keep program closed!

Tom, perhaps shortest way to fix the problem is to rename your n1mm logger.ini to something like xxxn1mmlogger.ini and take one of the backups ini file which is named something like n1mm logger.ini weekday.bak and rename it to n1mm logger.ini


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