I'd bet dollars to donuts there is something wrong with your CW messages file. Either one or more lines are missing, the comment indicator # is missing from the beginning of a comment line, or there is a # at the beginning of a message line.

The first S&P message line is *always* the 13th non-comment message line in the file. You cannot leave some of the Run messages out if you want to program any of the S&P messages. The program does not look at the "Fn" at the beginning of a message caption to determine which message button that line belongs to; that "Fn" is there purely for your convenience when looking at the buttons on the screen.

Rich VE3KI

---In N1MMLoggerplus@..., <g0ibn@...> wrote :

Sorry, i am back on the SAC contest again using N1MM+
During this contest I had to revert back to N1MM.
I have checked the MACROs and they are the same as N1MM
In "RUN" everything is ok.

In S&P
I log their call
press return and it sends his(!) callsign
I log his number, press return and it send TU G0IBN
It does not send MY number.
macro number 1 has gone, 
If i press F2 for my number, F2 has reverted to F3!!!! so it just sendsTU again
I have checked everything I know to no avail.
I have used N1MM+ in other contests with no problems.
It just seems to be SAC??!!
Andy G0IBN

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