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Rick Ellison

I do not see that here. If I switch to RTTY then I can transmit after the switch is done. How are you keying your radio? What engine are you sing for RTTY? Does Fldigi close completely when you type RTTY??


73 Rick N2AMG


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that's what I discovered.  I also discovered if you have the fldigi window open (running PSKmode) then switch to RTTY mode then RTTY won't work.  Seems that FLDIGI must be hogging a driver or something, PSK will work but not RTTY.  Restarting N1MM+ and launching RTTY works fine, then switch to PSK mode and that works.  Switch back to Rtty after this and Rtty doesn't work.  I've discovered you must close the FLDIGI waterfall window, then you'll get and error stating that Fldigi is not longer responding and he Digital Interface Window 1 will now close.  Switch to RTTY mode and all works.


Seems like a bug.  It would be great if you could just type RTTY or PSK31 in the CQ-Frequency window and all would work right... 


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To change between engines there is a menu selection of the top of the digital window that says Interface. If you have paths set in the config for the various engines and the logger can find them there will be an entry created in the drop down menu that is shown when you click on the Interface menu. Also by clicking on the setup menu then selecting Settings the Digital setup window will open. On the lower half of the pane that is shown you can select the default engines for RTTY and PSK. Once those are set that engine will open whenever you click on either the RTTY or PSK band buttons. Or when you type RTTY or PSK in the entry windows call sign box..


73 Rick N2AMG


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Subject: [N1MMLoggerplus] Contest supporting CW, SSB, RTTY & PSK31



I believe the SC QSO party last weekend supported RTTY, PSK31, CW and SSB.  I spent too much time trying to figure out how to get N1MM+ to properly operate on RTTY and PSK31, so I'm looking for some advice.


My Rig (Kenwood TS-2000) I have working great stand alone applications on my Windows 7 laptop.  For RTTY use, MMTTY works great and have the EXTFSK 2.0e driver installed. That operates the rig in FSK mode.  For PSK31 I have Fldigi and Flrig set up correctly and the rig operates in USB mode.  For CW I use HRD (and N1MM+) when I don't want to key manually and that all works fine too.  So physical  and electrical connection are all functional, and using the programs listed all works great.  Trying to get N1MM+ to integrate these modes together seems impossible.  The one mode I can't seem to get working is PSK31.  


An example, using the SC QSO party as an example, if I click on 20 in the DIG column on N1MM+ main window RTTY Engine 1 is displayed.  How does one tell N1MM+ I want RTTY vs PSK31?  I've tried setting up Fldigi within N1MM+ but that doesn't seem to work.  In the Configurer Digital Modes tab I've pointed to the path for MMTTY (FSK mode) for d1-1 and for the D1-1 Fldigi path I've pointed to that path as well (running win7 so I moved the fldigi.exe file to the \user\username\n1mm+ created folder as there is issues running from the default fldigi folder).


I'm at a loss and looking for help. 




Steve - KC1AXJ


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