Re: FLDIGI window lock up

Rick Ellison


What version of Fldigi are you using??


73 Rick N2AMG


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I was setting up for CQWWRTTY and downloaded the latest version of MM+.  I previously used the FLDIGI engine in other contest, when MM+ started it opened with the MMTTY engine.  I changed the interface to FLDIGI, the waterfall came up and wouldn't start, just the spinning circle.  Went thru a series of restarts and setup checks.  Once the FLdigi engine started, but after one transmission it locked up.  I can't breakout of the cycle of when the FLdigi window opens it just spins and doesn't start until I try to close it and then MM+ shuts down.  So I can;t even change to the MMTTY engine.

The stand alone version of FLDIGI works without a problem.

73, George



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