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Rick Ellison

I can’t tell you about connecting the 990S but you will get that error message about COM3. The logger passes com 3 off to the MMVARI engine. The next time it checks the com ports it is telling you it can’t connect to the port because it is in use which it is in use by the engine..


How do you have the radio setup in Logger32?? Do you have COM3 setup as a PTT port or is that the actual radio port..


73 Rick N2AMG


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Hi All,
         Attempting to connect N1MM+ to TS990S and unable to succeed.

The connection works fine in Logger32 but with the same data entered in N1MM+ the radio won't connect and i get the message that ''COM3 is in use by another program''.

The only program using COM3 is Logger32 and if that is not running then the N1MM+ connection should work. Is that correct?

N1MM+ (MMVARI) transmits and receives fine but of course there is no correct frequency display and for that reason qso's can't be logged.

I seem to be missing something. Any advice please from a TS990 owner?

Thank you,


Kindest regards, Charles

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