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Gregg Marco W6IZT



Thanks for your reply. Mode control is set to Use Radio. This occurs when the radio is in split, even if both VFOs are in the CW portion of the band and on the same frequency.



Gregg w6izt


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This usually indicates that there is a problem with your Mode control / bandplan settings. The manual explains it in detail, but if you expect the program to use the radio mode, you either want the default setting for Mode Control, or the bandplan needs to match up with your expectations if you are set up to use the mode according to the bandplan.


For most contests that I operate, I find the most straight forward setting is the default: "Use radio mode".


>> Gerald, VE1DT


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Uusing L+, mode=CW, when in split (both VFOs on CW) L+ auto populates the sent and rec RST as 59. When operating simplex the sent and rec RST is auto populated correctly with 599


V1.1.5176. Log type “DX”. Changing the category has no effect. Perhaps I’m missing something? Any assistance is appreciated



Gregg w6izt

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