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John Bednar



Users should not expect that the Available window Summary table will be correct for all participants in every contest.


The display code accommodates a single multiplier type for each contest. In the case of the SAC CW contest, the multiplier rule is different depending on the participant location. This multiplier type also needs to be something that is stored with the spot object and calculated or populated as the spots arrive (DXCC, CountryPrefix, GridSquare, Section, etc). For non-Scandinavian stations, the multipliers are prefix numbers 0-9 in only Scandinavian entities. This multiplier data is unique to this contest and not stored as the spots arrive.


John, K3CT


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Now playing for fun in SAC CW. Curious, how number of available multpliers in summary table is calculated. Right now I see only 6 mults listed available on 20m, but in Available window there are  ~100 QSO in red with clearly more different multipliers (no qrv on 20m yet)


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