Re: F-key setup for NAQSOP

John Bednar


The correct path to the parent wav file directory is:     Users_Logger+_Directory\Wav.

The  Users_Logger+_Directory  was an option during the initial installation. The default is MyDocuments\N1MM Logger+.


John, K3CT



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I successfully did this yesterday.  (Just basic CQ and exchange)  It’s different from N1MM Classic.  


In my case, I put the .wav files in C:\ Windows \ users \ Mark \ documents \ N1MM Logger+ \ wav \ Mark


By the way, if you don’t name your .wav files correctly, Logger+ will “complain” and show you the file it’s looking for, so you can re-name your files-- very helpful! 



73, Mark WA9IVH 









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Anyone in the group good at setting up the wav files for ssb contests?


I have wav files recorded but cannot seem to get the correct path to import them to N1MM +.


Spencer     W7SUR



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