Re: Performance Degradation, Windows 10, RTTY

Terry Glagowski / W1TR / AFA1DI

Steve, Bud,

1.       Right click on the START button, lower left of desktop,

2.       Choose Task Manager from the list.

3.       Choose the Performance tab in Task Manager.

4.       RIGHT CLICK on the large CPU graph upper right in the Task Manager window.

5.       Select Change Graph To.

6.       Select Logical Processors.

This will show CPU usage for individual logical processors (cores, threads).


73, Terry / W1TR  :  )



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I'm not familiar with Win 10. Assuming there is something like the Task
Manager, and you can zoom in on the Processes, and you can still sort by
CPU usage in the Processes tab, can you leave it open and quickly glance
at it during the short periods that RTTY seems to hang ? The 30% CPU on
N1MM+ shouldn't be an issue. It's something else running under Windows
10 that is grabbing the CPU for short periods every few minutes.

Steve, N2IC

On 08/14/2015 10:50 PM, aa3b.bud@... [N1MMLoggerplus] wrote:
> Steve - more info, I am now seeing the same issue in Version
> V1.0.5061.0. Sorry for the confusion.
> The N1MM+ process peaks in the low 30%.
> 73, Bud AA3B

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