Re: Performance Degradation using RTTY

David G3YYD <g3yyd@...>

Yep use AFSK as I assume you are using FSK with EXTFSK, which uses a lot of CPU. Better still use 2Tone as that has even lower CPU overhead.


73 David G3YYD


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Subject: [N1MMLoggerplus] Performance Degradation using RTTY



Version 1.0.5096.0
Windows 10


I'm seeing occasional CPU utilization spikes while transmitting RTTY.  The CPU utilization gets to around 40%; I see the spinning cursor indicating the system is busy, and the transmitted signal goes into "dittle."  This is my first time operating a RTTY event since upgrading to Windows 10.  The problem happens about every 2 or 3 minutes and it is killing my ability to operate the SARTG WW RTTY contest


The processor is an Intel i5-2450M CPU @ 2.5 GHz.


Any recommendations?


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