Re: K3 Transmit Problem with N1MM Plus and FLDigi


Check the sound card settings in fldigi when it is running from inside N1MM+. The settings in stand-alone and the settings inside N1MM+ are separate, so changing one doesn't change the other. Make sure the correct sound card output is selected for Playback. With fldigi running from within N1MM+, check the Windows level setting for that sound card output as well. With the K3's meter in the ALC position, you should adjust the sound card output level and the K3's Mic/Line level control until you see 4-5 bars on the ALC meter. The K3's MAIN:MIC SEL should be set to LINE IN in Data modes (DATA A or AFSK A).

You might consider using AFSK A instead of DATA A for RTTY (although if you are using Fldigi, you might have to click on the Rev button in the DI window).

In the N1MM+ Configurer under the Mode Control tab, on the right-hand side, if you select AFSK beside RTTY or PSK it will switch the K3 to AFSK A in that/those modes, while if you select PSK beside PSK or RTTY it will switch the K3 to DATA A for that/those modes. Don't set either of them to RTTY - that will put the K3 into FSK D.

Rich VE3KI

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Good Evening,
This is Mark Griffin, KB3Z. I am now able to get my digital Interface window with no problem. But for some reason when I go to transmit the K3 keys but I don't get the normal Rtty sound/ALC bars. I have my K3 set to Data A. I can receive just fine with the Receive window. What am I doing wrong with getting it to transmit? If I close N1MM down and just use FLDigi, my K3 transmits Rtty the normal way. Any help would be very much appreciated. Getting a bit frustrated as they say. Mark Griffin, KB3Z

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