Re: No Digital Interface Window


First, use Task Manager to terminate any running N1MM+ processes.

Next, start N1MM+. If a message window pops up telling you it can't find a COM port, you have to respond to this before the program will open up. The message window can sometimes be hidden behind another window.

Make sure the program is in RTTY or PSK mode. You have to have a contest that allows digital modes selected, and the Mode Category in the Contest Setup dialog has to include digital modes (MIXED+DIG, not just MIXED). If the contest allows it, typing RTTY or PSK into the call sign box and pressing Enter should put the program into that mode. That should also open the DI window and also the digital engine window (fldigi, MMTTY, MMVARI or 2Tone depending on which is configured as the default interface for the current mode).

Hover the mouse over the digital engine icon on the task bar (fldigi, MMTTY or 2Tone). You should only see one thumbnail window popup. If there are two, one of them may be an error pop-up, in which case you need to select it to open it and then respond to it to clear it.

If you can't see the DI window, hover the mouse over the N1MM+ icon on the Windows Task Bar. There should be more than one thumbnail window popup. If any of them is an error or warning message, open that window first and respond to it. There should also be a DI window thumbnail, which you should be able to open by selecting it. If it is off the screen (happens sometimes), right-click on it and select Move, press one of the arrow keys on the keyboard a couple of times, and it should show up where you can move it with the mouse.

If you are using fldigi and you close down N1MM+ while fldigi is still open, and if you have not updated the fldigi_def.xml file, there may be a hidden dialog that you have to respond to in order to get fldigi to shut down. See the last paragraph at <>, immediately above section 3, for instructions on fixing this.

Also, when N1MM+ closes down, there is a confirmation dialog that you have to respond to; if you terminate the program abnormally and don't respond to this dialog, the N1MM+ process may be left running even though you don't see any windows open for it. 

Rich VE3KI

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I have set up within N1MM plus using FlDigi. But for some reason when I try to access the Digital Interface Window it doesn't come up. Plus, if I get out of N1MM and try to get back in again, it tells me that it is already running. When I bring up the task master, lo and behold it is. Even though I exited the program.

What am I doing wrong?
Mark Griffin, KB3Z


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