barry whittemore

NE1F and I have had a persistent issue since the switch to logger plus.

we have a unique situation compared to most.

We have two PCs connected through an RS232 switch that has been modified to have the TX from the rig tied to bot RX lines on the two PCs.
This has allowed us to each track what the radio is sending out as long as one is controlling the radio.
PCs are both Win 7 with real RS232 not USB adapters.

The rig is K3 at 38400 baud.

The problem did not ever exist with logger but showed up with logger plus.

all works fine for a while but eventually the PC that is not in control gets a crash and the box pops up asking to send data. at that point it is completely locked up and the only option is to run task manager and force shutdown of program.  We have noticed that if left alone it sometimes will pop up the force close box after about 30 mins.

Most of the time it occurs on the NE1F PC as she is usually not the controller but when she is it happens on NF1O PC so it does not appear to be related to one PC.

We have occasionally gotten the error box on a PC that is in control and it is easily cleared and recovered from.

Any ideas on what we can try?


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