Digital Interface Problem

Fred - NA2U

Just installed new hard disk. Did full install of Plus and most current update: v1.0.4870.0

Thought I had everything setup correctly. But I found that MMTTY was not in the path that was in the Digital Modes config tab. Plus let me know this when I tried to open the digital interface window and stated that it would open MMVARI instead. That's what it did.

I opened Config and confirmed the path. Installed MMTTY in that path. Closed Config. Now every time I open the digital interface MMVARI still opens instead of MMTTY. Closed Plus, tried again. Same result. Rebooted and got same result. I don't use MMVARI and don't have it set up.

Question: How to get back to MMTTY as the digital interface?

73 and thanks,

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