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One thing I failed to mention in this post is GRITTY needs to be installed outside of the Program files directory or the logger will not be able to create the config files that Gritty uses with the logger…


73 Rick n2AMG


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“It’s a great contribution – and one I’m sure will get better over time.” 


Some of the things already mentioned will come with a future update. Alex wanted to get this first version out the door to make sure it works first then he has said he will add to it.

He came to  us and asked it be added to N1MM as he feels that users will notice a better decoding using the method he does. I have been using it as an RX window for the last 3 weeks and have had a times better copy over MMTTY and at others MMTTY was better. It is another tool to add to the arsenal. I’m sure Alex will read the forums but if not you can email him at ve3nea@... with your suggestions and feedback..


73 Rick N2AMG


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Unlike 2tone (for example), it’s my understanding that GRITTY was originally a side project for DX chasing of the weak signals.  It was not built to work as a contest program add-in.  So when you see a very basic functionality with N1MM is really super.


These (and the other posts) all have valid comments.  But we need to keep some perspective.  Remember that like 2tone and N1MM, GRITTY is being provided without any purchase cost.  So some messages of thanks would probably be appreciated.   We have already lost one developer of a wonderful project (NaP3) due to a huge amount of complaining and virtually no appreciative comments.


Thanks to Alex work on this application!  It’s a great contribution – and one I’m sure will get better over time. 




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Well Rick,
it's interesting as a single channel decoder. Even as a screen real estate grabber application inside mine already well packed monitor(s). Why to have such as 3 KHz and a single channel decoder. Also we usually don't RUN contesting more than few hundreds Hertz.
Maybe it's just a scaled down app.
I'd have not tested it thoroughly, but the first view seems pretty "static".
No other tones pair than 2125Hz.
Data files for standalone user are pretty well displaced over some different directories. May be some or those are even unobtanium for a single user like me and without a record schema (ASCII?).

The color schema strange, not speaking for the 3270 terminals peoples, but from the VT100 side.
But this last could be too subjective.
Anyway several other thing may come out from those considerations.

There is any road map connected to GRITTY? Where it's aimed?
Should we run more on it to appreciate it, also having some background files. Without those and a proper client/logger viewer it seems not that impressive.

Unfortunately there isn't a clever written log out of the box, as only MMTTY have. That's without another application that could make some client mimicking. Doing it by hands with raw putty worked since the first attempt.

I will look forward for any improvement as a single user, stand alone. At least in the hope I could have made some wrong considerations. Trilled, but it's too early to fully appreciate now. Isn't?

                         73 de iw1ayd Salvo

PS leaving it running on some EU QSO on 30m this evening seem to give some better decoded stripes than MMTTY and the two 2Tone I am already running. Just a surface look around on words not calls. It could be only the AFC parametrization and some subtle noise coming around. The 30m band near  10140-10150 KHz is awfully crowded by CRAPTOR and other machine data noise masquerading.

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