Re: 1.0.4736 Removed auto-completion of callsigns feature.

Fred - NA2U

Hey, you in the phone test?  I'll be KH7M.  All-bands. I was WH7M in the CW test and gave a few extra dits a couple times.  Now that I remember you're in FLORIDA I wanna see some activity, Ric!

GL in the contest!

73 and aloha from the Big Island,


On Feb 27, 2015, at 12:39 PM, "'wo4o - RiC' [N1MMLoggerplus]" <N1MMLoggerplus@...> wrote:

>>>Is it really asking too much for users to be required to enter the complete call, rather than having the software guess what the complete call might be ? 73, Steve, N2IC

No, it is NOT too much to ask.  73, de ric, wo4o

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