Transmit S & P


This weekend during the WPX RTTY contest I had a problem running SO2R with ESM.
I'm fairly new to N1MM so this may just be a setting I have missed.
The problem I have is information being entered into the log and not being transmitted
on the S & P radio.

I operate my run radio in auto CQ mode. While running CQ on the run radio I find a
station to work on the S & P radio. I right click on the S & P digital window to send my call. After call is sent I right click on Run radio Digital window to call CQ. I then go back to S & P side and click on call and recieved report then left click to transmit. This is when the problem occurs.
If the run radio is still calling CQ the S & P side will enter the information into the log but will not transmit. If I try F2 it sends AI9T 000 000 I try the simicolon it sends my call. I have to scramble to delete the information from the log then click on the call again. This will put all the information back in the entry window and I can now right click and transmit.

Am I missing something here? I have my settings set to last one wins.

Steve AI9T

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